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Imedicine, an comprehensive and international English journal, is aimed to cover the new findings and new achievements in medical research and clinical practice. The fields of the Journal is focused on Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Tra-

nslational Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Health Care Management, etc. Articles, sho-

rt reports, technical methods, comments and reviews, case reports are expected. We hope to provide a communication platform about advanced academic and clinical experience for medical researchers, scientists and clinical doctors. We sincerely welcome your submissions as an author, or review as a reviewer.

Editor-in-Chief: Ting-Hua Wang (China)

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Available from 2015

issue:Volume 1 2, January 2016

Latest research
Evaluation of myocardial remodeling in patients with chronic heart failure of qi deficiency and blood stasis b... Gang Luo1, Xue Bai1, Zheng-Yu Song2, Si-Jin Yang1,*Imedicine 2019; 4(1):17-18

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IGF-1 prevents neurons from apoptosis in Oxygen Glucose Lan-chun Zhang1,2,Liu-Lin Xiong1,3* Imedicine 2018,3(1):1-11

Lan-chun Zhang1,2,Liu-Lin Xiong1,3* Imedicine 2018,3(1):1-11

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Interference of TGF-β prohibits neuronal survival associated with the tgfb3 after neonatal hypoxic ischemic e... Lan-Lan Shi1, Hai-Xia Chen1, Rui-Ze Niu1, Feng Wang1, Shan Li1, Jia Liu1 Imedicine 2018; 3(1):12-23

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