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Welcome to the online submission and editorial system for Imedicine.

Imedicine is designed to communicate the study and practice of medicine. We welcome submissions in any medical fields that will contribute the medical advances. It is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes bimonthly from Nano publisher group in Hong-Kong, people’s republic of China. The editorial board is prestigious and rigorous that serves in the international and multidisciplinary field. We ensure that all submissions would be subject to fair and objective review following same steps. We speak highly of the detail design and description, whereas there is no limit on the manuscript length or number of figures. We ensure that you retain the copyright over your work. Meanwhile, all the accepted papers should give the world access to download, print, distribute, read, and use of your article with proper attribution. The publishes articles are mainly focus on the bio-medical field, including Basic Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Translational Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Medical Informatics andExperimental Medicine,etc. We particularly interested in some less touched fields such as translation Medicine and the cross talk of some fields. The expected article types includes: reviews, original researches (Basic Research or Clinical Trial), case reports, systematic reviews, and qualitative research.
Here are some principles for the submitted manuscripts. First, the original articles should contain proper structure including title, authors and affiliations, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusions, conflict of interests, acknowledgments and references. The author should make sure that the study have not been published elsewhere. If a study is similar to the previous work, authors must provide a clearly reference and discuss the existing literature. Then, techniques covered in the study should be internationally recognized. Methods and reagents must be described in sufficient detail for another researcher to reproduce the experiments described. Also, the result should not be presented in an appropriate way to avoid boasting and exaggeration. Finally, the image files shouldn’t be adjusted in any way that may lead to mistake of the information presenting in the original image. Certainly, submitted manuscripts should not contain any images or figures which have already been published. If authors hold to employ previously published figures or images, you should obtainwritten permission from the copyright holder to publish.

Generally speaking, Imedicine, as an international and comprehensive English journal, is designed to cover the new findings and new achievements in medical research and clinical practice. We hope to provide a communication platform about advanced academic and clinical experience for medical researchers and clinical doctors. Imedicine welcomes submissions all over the world, and would be modest to accept suggestions that are benefit to the advance of bio-medicine development.

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