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Language services In order to help the author publish an article, we provide some English language translation, illustrations, to subscribe. Such as the grammar and spelling English articles refer to illustrations. The authors can ask for help. I wish you good luck.
1. English Language Editing To make sure your work is written in accuracy scientific English before submission, we will provide the service for the language editing and ensure that your paper is free of spelling, grammatical, and common errors.
2. Advanced Language Editing This option goes to provide you with the most advanced language editing available, including examine your each submission process, focus on the logic of your manuscript and content, customise with manuscript formatting and reference of the journal of your choice.
3. Illustration Services To handle some experiment images and tables of clinical trails data to perceptual intuition by our scientific and medical illustrators, such as cell signaling pathway, figures, three-dimensional stereogram. Our pursuing goal is to make the illustration of figure and table to be the most clear and perfect.
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